Kitesurfing Repairs

We know that not every session goes to plan! Unfortunately sometimes your pride and joy might need a little patching up. We are a dedicated repair centre and can have you back on the water with very affordable prices for repair work. To keep you going whilst your kite is with the doctor, you can always rent one of the latest kites.

All repairs are guaranteed for the life of the kite and the kite will fly as it did before the damage occured. Kites are repaired within 24hrs after the official quote is accepted. (48 hours for bladder repairs due to pressure testing)

Canopy Repairs Bladder Repairs Struts or Leading Edge Repair Rates
-Minimum 25$ up to 30cm



-Anything over 30cm is an additional 5$ per 5cm



-If the rips run along a strut, add 10$ per 30cm

-Valves refitting plus testing 20$.


-Strut bladder in-out & cleaning 7$



-bladder in-out & cleaning 20$



-Cleaning and drying fee 5$ – 8$



-Bar and line repairs from 15$

-Minimum – 27$ up to 30cm



-Anything over 30cm add 5$ per 10cm



-If the rip runs under or around a junction point add 5$ per junction