Welcome to the big kitebro family!

Our school is one of the first to have settled on the beautiful spots of NABQ and HURGHADA. We had the chance to build a real community of kitesurfers visiting us over time thanks to a shared philosophy, an intensive and varied practice of kitesurf whatever your level, professional and involved coaching, meeting a culture deeply a warm welcome that will make you feel at home, whether alone or in a group, for the first time or in years.


Egypt is an amazing kiteboarding destination which is just a short 4 hour flight from Europe. You will find amazing flat water lagoons and wave spots as well as breathtaking nature on land and underwater. Egypt is known for its steady windy through the whole year and is one of the most well known destinations for beginners in the world!


Equipment hire is an economic and easy way to go get you on the water . we offer the hire of kitesurfing, windsurfing equipment – everything you need is included .

Available is all the latst 2018 equipment from beginner to advanced and full range of sizes to suit any condition.

To hire kitesurfing equipment you must have completed a kitesurf course or level 2 certified or able to show a complete level of skill and riding ability.


Join us for one of the most amazing kite adventures in the world and downwind the wild and beautiful hurghada boat safari OR  Sinai (sharm-dahab-newabaa) trip,and spend an unforgettable week full of kitesurfing action , here you can exchange ideas with like-minded people , benefit from the knowledge of others and get to know the country and its people .

For this trip you will need:

  • Moderate physical fitness
  • Good basic kite skills:
    • Upwind/Downwind
    • Board Recovery
    • Can handle choppy water
    • Proper self rescue and pack down

(please ask us for help on these skills)

  • Kite Material in Good Condition! (Ask us about rental)


Kitesurfing, a sport that every active person can learn nowadays. In general, nobody is too young or old to learn this action-packed sport, also called kiteboarding. The assumption that you need strength and well-trained muscles to learn kitesurfing is also a mistake. The trapeze distributes the power to the body and not only to the arms. A special harness is usually used to learn kitesurfing. Since the kites (the kites that serve as sails for kitesurfing) have become much safer in recent years, kitesurfing is accessible and easy to learn for everyone.

This feeling when the wind carries you over the water while kitesurfing is incredible. Good for all who want to learn kitesurfing: You don’t need any previous knowledge. However, one should attend a serious and licensed kitesurfing school to learn kitesurfing on the kiteboard. Ideal conditions for learning kitesurfing can be found in a special kitebro schools


Even the most durable equipment on the market can be damaged whether it’s a kite or board .our repair service offers the highest quality and a great attention to detail with a fast turnaround , all at a great price

We pride ourselves in making the kite repairs very precise and accurate so that there is no affect to the kites flying characteristics and are hardly noticeable .


don’t miss our discount on our DAHAB city trip (6 days )

2 days in first spot ( dahab lagoon )

2 days in the second spot (Abu galoum )

2 days in the 3rd spot (blue lagoon )

the trip cost 750 euro per person  before discount including :

8 hours of training with private instructor ,full equipment ,transfer from and to sharm el sheikh airport ,accommodation with breakfast and transfer between spots .




We go through alot of effort to make sure that you are learning in a safe environment with the latest kiteboard equipment. All lessons are conducted in shallow water far away from land. We use “bow” style (SLE) kites exclusively for teaching because of their extreme depower and safety features. On request, we can also teach you to using the older “C” shape kites.

Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels. For beginners we have an introductory course as well as a full course.

The beginners’ introductory course has one hour of coaching and an hour of practice in the morning with an extremely nominal fee for equipment. The entire duration of the course is 3 days. For the full beginners’ course, the duration is 6 days with an hour of coaching and 2 hours of practice daily.



DAHAB City trip -20% OFF

We offer the best surfing experience

What Level will You Reach?

 According to the International Kiteboarding Organization standards, (– worldwide authority to train and certify kiteboarders and instructors) and our experience, these are approximate level you can expect to reach:

3 hours:  Kite set up- trainer practice- kite piloting in water – body drags- and safety procedures = Discovery Level 1 to 2.

6 hours:  Kite control fully powered – board recovery in deep water, – self rescue procedures- and first water start = Intermediate Level 2.

9 hours: water starting both directions – fully autonomous with kite and safety awareness = Intermediate Level 2 and 3.

15 (zero to hero) hours: Consistent riding both directions and beginning to go upwind = Independent Level 3.


Private lessons are one on one, instructor to student. From the very beginning, the entire focus of the lesson is on you. Everyone has his or her own learning style and optimal pace; with a private lesson, your highly qualified instructor will tailor the lesson plan specifically with you in mind, allowing you to learn the

most in the shortest amount of time.

3 hours 105 euro.

6 hours 205 euro .

9 hours 300 euro.

12 hours (zero to hero ) 385 euro

hourly  60 $ per hour for the fisrt 3 hours the each hour cost 50 $ .


RAMADAN is riding for 14 years. He has taken his first lesson at 12 year old,He is a “natural”  and quickly improve to specialize  in Wake & freestyle riding : huge powerful unhook moves makes the show each session he is but he wont make it out there until it blows at 18 knots, his larger kite is an 11m anyway !  He currently holds the record of the highest jump on the spot



SAM learnt to kitesurf in 2016 and continued his passion whilst at his work where he obtained a Avionics Engineering degree, he is a Helicopter engineer for a week and on the second week he is a kitesurfing instructor , he can teach you a lot about the Aerodynamics of kitesurfing and how everything mechanically work together , with him you will have a different understanding of  kite-surfing.



Our Semi-Private Lessons are designed for those who wish to learn to kite on a budget. Don‘t worry, there are never more than 2 students per instructor so both
receive the highest quality of professional teaching. Students are paired with another student of the same skill level to maximize progression.

“Ideal for aspiring kiters on a budget , semi-private lessons match you with another student of your skill level for good progression at a lower cost.
2 students maximum with one kite each.”

Note :

The first piloting lesson is shared with one kite until you manage your kite alone.
In case of strong wind or High tide the Instructor may decide to take only one kite to share for Safety reasons and better lesson management .

3 hours 85 euro .

6 hours 185 euro .

9 hours 275 euro .

12 hours (zero to hero ) 320 euro .



Ahmed has been helping us since 2014, on his free time, in exchange of riding avidly with us. He can adapt to any lesson, any students , in any conditions. The most reliable teaching soldier. Polite, courteous, fully dedicated, he never loss his cool. No students can fail with him.  Our sure value!


Want to learn to kite board? Come with a friend or family member! Group Lessons are made for that! This is our safe yet most economic way to learn with a person of

your choosing, sharing the fun and adventure. Paired with our instructor, you will make memories of a lifetime while living your dream.

class tailored for up to 4 students – 1 or 2 kites used depending on tides, wind condition and/or student(s) progress.

3 hours 70$ .

6 hours 170 euro.

9 hours 260 euro.

12 hours (zero to hero ) 300 euro


Khaled Riding since 2010 – joined kitebro in 2014 Training with Rayan few month earlier. Loved the spot, loved the atmosphere and mostly loved the hurghada temperature – In and Out the water ,Excellent rider, always catching any opportunity to get a Lesh’ and work


ABDO has been teaching for 8 years and involved with kitesurfing many more. he has taught around EGYPT and managed kite schools at various destinations , bringing with him a great passion for kiting, fantastic dedication to all things watersports. In addition to being a part of the management team.



Help Dahab Dogs

Homeless street dogs and cats in Egypt have a hard life just finding peace, food and water. But on top of all this it’s normal for them to suffer daily abuse, illness, torture and inhumane killing. Working equines are usually overworked , under fed and not provided with medical care.  The helpdahabdogs team are committed to relieving and reducing this suffering by providing rescue, rehabilitation, medical care, sanctuary, re homing, sterilisations and education For the local populus.

Your support and contributions will enable them  to meet their goals and improve conditions for Dahabs Homeless Street Dogs. Your Generous Donation Will Help Fund their  mission

in kite bro as we feel responsibility toward this case we decided to support  this non-profital organization as a part of our charity  .

help dahab dogs